Finished Paintings

Here are some of the paintings I have completed.

Here I did a couple of paintings for the Sun (rah God) and moon








Here is one I tried using air drying clay and acrylic using similar colours to some Aztec stuff I looking at.


I did this in what I think resemble autumn colours. Roughly done around shapes from the old Tetris game. Thought the shapes and the colours worked well together on a 1m by 1m canvas.


Here I thought the Tetris kind of shapes would work well multicoloured on a !m by 1m canvas but it all looked a bit flat so I decided to add coloured sand and gravel the kind you use in your fish tanks to give the picture a bit of depth, which seemed to work well.




Here is one of my earlier paintings when I was just playing about with techniques. I kinda liked the result. May try and do it another with straighter lines but most people that have seen this seem to like the wonky effect.



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