MY Cat Smokey

Here is on of the stories I have finished. It has an audio track which has the story narrated, just need a couple more pages illustrating then hopefully make it into a downloadable version.


My cat Smokey sits by me
Watching birds in the old oak tree

Waiting for one to land on the ground
Then creeps towards it without a sound

He moves around the bush so sly
But they always see him and off they fly

So he goes in the kitchen and rattles his dish
Hoping that mum will bring him some fish

He eats all the fish and gives out a purr
Then licks his lips and cleans all his fur

He gives out a yawn and lowers his head
I think it is time I put him to bed

He lays in his basket and curls up tight
Then closes his eyes and sleeps for the night

© Mark Hooley 2014

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