changing sites

Changing sites so anybody following this site please follow me on as all new post will be put on this site and the weemans site will be used for another project.

Thanks to all who followed this page and like my stuff. More will be posted on the new site






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A change of name

I decided to change the website name from Weemans to AbartMark as I am from West Yorkshire and thought it a good play on words as when we say “about” it always sounds like “abart” and because the website is art related and about me and my work I thought it would be a good name

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If pig could fly

Here is another of my stories I hope you will enjoy. Hoping to get them published at some time in my life.

I once knew a pig that tried to fly
I really do not know why he would try

He tried with balloons tied to his back
But they came off as he tied them too slack

He tried with a rocket to reach for the sky
But was far too heavy and crashed into his sty

He tried like a plane with a great big wing
But just fell to the ground the silly thing

He tried with some feathers just like a duck
but they fell apart that was just his luck

He tried with a kite and waited for the wind to blow
But just landed with a big thud on the ground below

So he decided staying on the ground would be good
Now he is a happy pig just playing in the smelly mud

© Mark Hooley 2014

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A Bit Abstract

Another painting I started but never quite finished. These are a set of 5 canvases that are all nearly finished. Again it is finding the time without getting side tracked by other projects


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Here is one of my earlier paintings when I was just playing about with techniques. I kinda liked the result. May try and do it another with straighter lines but most people that have seen this seem to like the wonky effect.painting41

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The Rabbits

Here is another of my stories I wrote, need to get it illustrated yet. Hope you like it.

The Rabbits

By the silver light of the moons bright glow
I watched a rabbit playing in the snow

He darted here and then over there
Sending the snow flying everywhere

He hoped and jumped and ran around
Then started thumping on the ground

More rabbits came out one by one
To run around and join in the fun

Some of the rabbits were brown and others white
They just kept on appearing to my delight

They chased each other around the bush
All the rabbits seemed in such a rush

With brown shiny eyes and big bushy tails
They move in the snow making lots of trails

They hop and skip then run like mad
To play like this they seem so glad

Then all of a sudden the wind started to blow
And all the rabbits disappeared back below

© Mark Hooley 2014

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MY Cat Smokey

Here is on of the stories I have finished. It has an audio track which has the story narrated, just need a couple more pages illustrating then hopefully make it into a downloadable version.


My cat Smokey sits by me
Watching birds in the old oak tree

Waiting for one to land on the ground
Then creeps towards it without a sound

He moves around the bush so sly
But they always see him and off they fly

So he goes in the kitchen and rattles his dish
Hoping that mum will bring him some fish

He eats all the fish and gives out a purr
Then licks his lips and cleans all his fur

He gives out a yawn and lowers his head
I think it is time I put him to bed

He lays in his basket and curls up tight
Then closes his eyes and sleeps for the night

© Mark Hooley 2014

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